Analytics & Strategy

Two rows of four sticky notes labeled with sections of a site such as events, research, and facilities.

A strong digital presence starts with strategic thinking. For campus partners who appreciate the importance of digital communications, ND Creative helps lay the correct foundation for success. While this work typically precedes a website design and development, it is often part of long-term planning and maintenance of a digital communications strategy. This work can include any or all of the following:

  • Defining organizational communications goals
  • Defining key audiences
  • Reviewing analytics to define strengths and weaknesses
  • Reviewing communications pain points
  • Utilizing information architecture¬†
  • Benchmarking and competitive landscape review
  • Identifying opportunities with social media and other digital channels
  • Identifying team staffing strengths and weaknesses related to content development
  • Mapping user experience
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Analytics training and reporting

If you feel your digital presence is underperforming, or if you need some advice, set up a consultation with our team to discuss strategy. The insights gained from these exercises goes a long way, and typically saves money in the long run.

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