Upcoming Changes to Google Analytics

Author: Zach Allen

You have likely received notification that Google is deprecating Universal Analytics (UA) in favor of their newer analytics platform, Google Analytics 4 (GA4). UA properties will stop collecting data beginning July 1, 2023. Unfortunately there is no migration path from UA to GA4, which means that historical data will not be available in GA4.

We have completed the process of creating GA4 properties for all existing UA properties that we manage. That means that each website currently has two concurrent analytics properties, which will overlap in data collection for the next year. 

When you log into Google Analytics, you may see a new property with “- GA4” after your domain name. That is your new GA4 property that is collecting data alongside your existing UA property. Over the next year, you will be able to view up-to-date data on both your UA and GA4 properties. For example, here are the Google analytics properties for our website, marcomm.nd.edu:

Google Analytics Examples

If you have not worked with GA4, please be aware that the GA4 user experience is VERY different from UA. For additional GA4 training, visit the Google's Skillshop for GA4


*Note: MarComm has set up GA4 properties for all websites that we manage. If your Google Analytics account was set up independently, we don’t have access and you will need to contact your administrator for updates.