The Notre Dame Brand

The Dome is only part of the story. As communicators at Notre Dame, we are stewards of one of the great stories in American higher education. Consistency (not to be confused with uniformity) and quality in articulating the University’s core focus areas serve to make the University stronger, including its individual parts.

Expressions of the Notre Dame brand should honor the University’s rich legacy and future aspirations. Notre Dame seeks to become the premier Catholic research university for the 21st century. It is unwavering in its commitment to its Catholic character and to providing unparalleled opportunities for inquiry for students and scholars, both here in South Bend and around the world.

The boldness of this vision can be traced to the University’s founding, when a French priest named Rev. Edward Sorin, C.S.C., trekked through the brutal Indiana winter to take possession of land on which he would start “a great university for Our Lady,” that would, in Father Sorin’s words, become a “force for good in this country.” Now, in keeping with Father Sorin’s audacious vision, we broaden our area of focus to include the world.

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On Message

Caring for the Notre Dame visual brand is a responsibility of the communicators at the University. The On Message website is a repository of the elements and how-to’s that help maintain a consistent, cohesive, and effective visual identity for the University of Notre Dame and its entities.

On Message Website

Consistency Matters

Just as we seek distinction among our peers in what we do, we also seek distinction in how we look. The Notre Dame look and feel should both set us apart and unify us as a university. Audiences should be able to identify association with the University quickly based on key visual indicators including color and font, as well as overall design.
  • Unified Message

    Notre Dame is a single university with many parts.

  • Unwavering Values

    Notre Dame is a mission-driven institution.

  • Uniform Design

    Notre Dame has a distinct look and feel.