Partner with ND Creative

Work with us as we continue to build the Notre Dame brand, tell the University's most compelling stories, and promote the most important events and initiatives.

It may sound obvious, but no creative team knows Notre Dame like ND Creative. The University is a place that requires a longstanding presence to understand its unique culture, history, and mission—characteristics that in turn require a certain approach to communication here. ND Creative has cultivated the Notre Dame brand for years, crafting it to express the attributes that make Our Lady’s University distinctive. We are creators and stewards of the Notre Dame identity as it lives in marketing materials, and we partner with our colleagues across campus so that they can participate in this exciting and rewarding endeavor.

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Our Partnership Goals

  • To approach each project strategically, creatively, and with campus partner's goals in mind while also incorporating the strength of the master brand of the University of Notre Dame.
  • To work closely with partners so that projects are completed on time.
  • To find the right creative resource to complete the project. It may be our team or it could be using an existing template or engaging a freelance professional. We'll work together to find the right solution.

How We Work


All incoming projects will be evaluated against the following criteria to help us best determine how to approach the project and who will perform the work.

  • Aids in advancing or protecting the overall reputation of the institution
  • Is relevant to University’s highest priorities/initiatives
  • Addresses key University themes
  • Addresses University goals
  • Targets key audiences
  • Allows for adequate timing of deliverables
  • Offers a well-developed plan

Proposing a project collaboration with us is easy. Simply fill out the collaboration request form or reach out to a representative from our Project Management team. A member of our team will be in contact to let you know if it's a project we will collaborate on directly with you or offer and explore other options. Either way, our aim is to help you get the deliverable(s) you need to meet your objectives. Project discussions will begin with an intake meeting to review your goals and and discuss preliminary ideas. In these meetings, we tend to ask lots of questions. If you don’t have the answers at the start, don’t worry. We’ll get there together—this is a collaboration.


As of July 1, 2023, ND Creative will not charge labor for the projects they collaborate on with campus partners. All hard expenses associated with projects—printing, shipping, istock images, freelance work, etc. will be the responsibility of the campus partner.