Web Services Updates

Author: Zach Allen

As Marketing Communications evolves into ND Creative, we have new goals and obligations. For the web team, this raises a large question: How will we serve the needs of the campus community as we transition out of the cost recovery model?

Rest assured, we aren't abandoning anyone. There are over 700 websites running on Conductor with over 1,000 campus web admins, and we will continue providing services for those websites and staff. With the updates to our operating model, labor-related services will be free of charge as of July 1.

Here's what you can expect:

In the next six months:

  • We will continue servicing existing Conductor websites when modifications or adjustments are needed.
  • We will continue with all projects that are in-process.
  • We will continue offering Conductor training.
  • We will slowly start shifting our focus to the University's most important projects. This means we will continue designing and developing new Conductor websites. However, we will need to prioritize our commitments, and some projects will need to be sent to approved vendors or face longer wait times.

In the future:

We are currently working with campus leadership to define the best model for future web services on campus. We believe that the University of Notre Dame should have the best website network in higher education, and we plan to build out a campus model to meet that need. Stay tuned!

We are thankful to our many campus colleagues for years of partnership, and we’re looking forward to these next steps. We appreciate your patience and understanding in the coming months as we work through the details.