Yes, videos about serious academic pursuits can be utterly captivating.

Multimedia team
Strategic Content
Silver Telly Award

Our team takes serious academic endeavors and explores their motivation and impact through video storytelling. With different color grades to delineate past from present, Coda won a national silver Telly Award and was a finalist in the Chicago/Midwest Emmy Awards.

While the subject of medieval chants and deathbed ceremonies could have felt dark and eerie, this video is uplifting instead. In the story, Elaine, the featured scholar, speaks about her college days and the inspiration for her field of study. Our team recreated the moment with a violinist who looked like a college-aged Elaine. Using audio of authentic chant and imagery of ancient music texts reinforces her subject of sacred music. Images of creation and memories from home movies lead the viewer to reflect on a life well-lived rather than the sadness of death.