Klau Center Website

Updated user experience, a new theme, and design collaboration.

Web team
Klau Center for Civil and Human Rights

The Klau Center partnered with MarComm to overhaul its website with a focus on simplified user experience, flexibility, and design.

With a rich history dating back to the US civil rights movement, the Klau Center is a leading center for human and civil rights, with alumni fighting for human dignity around the world. The most recent version of its website was an update of its previous site, with a focus on reorganizing content and simplifying user experience.

The new Klau website was designed as a combination of two brands. Using the University’s web theme as a starting point and baseline for Notre Dame branding, designers incorporated elements of Klau Center–specific sub-branding to create a website with a clear visual connection to www.nd.edu and the Klau Center’s other marketing materials.

The homepage was re-imagined to highlight areas of clear focus, with content flexibility added within the administration system so Klau Center staff could seasonally highlight key initiatives, priorities, and events as they evolve. 

Significant attention was paid to prioritizing the impact and scope of Klau Center alumni around the world, and a robust database of alumni was developed to highlight and archive their success stories.