Cost-recovery Model Eliminated

On July 1, 2023, ND Creative (formerly MarComm) transitioned away from a cost-recovery funding model to a centrally funded model. This conversion allows ND Creative teams (print/design and web) to better support OPAC and campus communication partners with their most important projects that support University goals and priorities. The photography and videography teams, who were previously part of MarComm, moved to the Brand Content (formerly Strategic Content) team. For further background on this transition, please access the slides from our spring info sessions on this topic. 

Info Session Slides

Empowering the Campus Community

ND Creative collaborates with campus partners to create assets that help articulate and promote Notre Dame’s most important stories, events, and initiatives. Partner with ND Creative

Custodians of the Brand. Partners in Its Expression.

ND Creative is a body of diverse creative and technical talent that is charged with crafting, maintaining, and helping others give voice to their place within the Notre Dame brand. Its creative units have an intimate knowledge of Notre Dame, its mission, and brand. Positioned within the Office of Public Affairs and Communications, the University’s central communications division, ND Creative is a free resource for campus communicators who are supporting Notre Dame's mission by telling their most important stories or promoting their most important information and events.

Together Under One Brand

A brand is a collection of the traits and attributes that come to mind when a name is mentioned. Expressing the Notre Dame brand is the unique privilege of communicators at this University.

Strength of the Brand

A Decorated Team of Marketers Ready to Serve the University

ND Creative is regularly recognized both inside and outside higher education as leaders in their craft. The team possesses a rare blend of experience and innovation that it brings to bear on each project. The team has received numerous awards from CASE, eduStyle, UCDA, and The Webby Awards.

Meet our Team

  • Print/Design

    Traditional print materials will always provide an important touch point and evoke a warm connection with the University and coordinating digital assets will help expand your reach. Additionally, our design team creates unique visual identities.

  • Web Services

    Your website is the hardest-working tool in your marketing shed. But effective websites must be ordered, designed, and built with the user experience in mind. Our team builds and maintains the digital landscape of Notre Dame.