Light Pole Banners

Expand your campaign throughout campus


The Office of Public Affairs and Communications (OPAC) oversees and schedules all the light pole banner space on campus except those around Notre Dame Stadium, south of the Joyce Center, and around Compton Family Ice Arena and all Athletics parking lots near Notre Dame Stadium, Joyce Center, and Compton Family Ice Arena (Athletics) and the banners around the Eck Visitor Center (Alumni Association).

All requests are subject to the approval of the OPAC Vice President. Banner requests will be evaluated based on subject matter, timing, location(s) requested, and availability. Approved requests will be required to adhere to the following guidelines.

  • All banner requests are directed to ND Creative via a Google form
  • All requests are reviewed by the OPAC Vice President’s office.
  • Only light pole banner requests for special University events (e.g. ND Day, Walk the Walk Week) and notable commemorations/celebrations (e.g. Notre Dame’s 175th Anniversary, Fr. Sorin’s 200th birthday) will be considered. 
  • A map of light pole banner locations. Note, the existence hardware or the eligibility of a pole to have hardware is subject to change.
  • The banner design process must be managed by ND Creative. ND Creative will ensure compliance with University brand standards, appropriate content, and adherence to the overall campus aesthetic. 
  • ND Creative will handle banner production and delivery with approved University vendors. Production costs will be the responsibility of the requestor. The vendor will provide an invoice for this charge.  
  • Utilities will install and remove all banners. The cost for installation and removal will be the responsibility of the requestor. Utilities will charge this directly to the provided FOAPAL. 
  • ND Creative will coordinate the installation and removal of light pole banners with Utilities. 
  • All requests for banners will include the event/occasion being advertised, which area(s) they want them in, date(s) when they want them up/down, FOAPAL, etc.  
  • Banner requests that need design and production should be made at least twelve (12) weeks in advance of the desired installation date to allow for review of the request, design, production, and installation. 
  • Duration of banner placement
    • Commemoration banner requests will be considered for up to a three (3) month initial installment. Extensions of additional three (3) month periods may be requested, but are not guaranteed and may not be up for longer than twelve (12) months total. 
    • Event banner requests will be limited to installation no more than two weeks prior to the event date(s) and removal no more than one (1) week after the event date.
  • Banner requests for existing approved banners (no design or production needed) should be made at least eight weeks in advance of the desired installation date.
  • Banner requests will not be accepted more than twelve (12) months prior to the requested installation date.
  • Banner requests will be acknowledged within two (2) business days and a decision will be provided within ten (10) business days.
  • OPAC reserves the right to alter approved banner space requests if needed to accommodate emerging University priorities. 
  • ND Creative and Utilities are not responsible for damaged or stolen banners.  
  • Installation of banners is weather permitting. Banners cannot be hung in certain weather (rain, lightning, hail, high winds, etc.) and could be postponed due to other urgent needs for the Utilities installation staff (significant snow removal, storm clean up, etc.). 
  • Storage of removed banners, if applicable, is the responsibility of the requestor.

Charges for Banners

All banner charges are the responsibility of the requestor.

  • Banner design
    • There is no charge for ND Creative to design the banners.
  • Banner production
    • An estimate for producing banners can be provided prior to project start once the number of banners needed and number of unique banners is determined.
    • This will be charged by the vendor.
  • Banner installation/removal 
    • Installation of banners
      • Preparation base fee: $170*
      • $45* per hour and it takes roughly 30 minutes per banner for interior campus banners (15 minutes per banner for exterior campus banners) 
      • If needed, installation of hardware is $45* per hour and it takes roughly 30 minutes to install new hardware on each pole. This is in addition to the charge to hang banners.
    • Removal
      • Preparation base fee: $170*
      • $45* per hour and it takes roughly 30 minutes per banner for interior campus banners (15 minutes per banner for exterior campus banners) 
    • An estimate for the cost of installation and removal can be provided once the total number of banners and location(s) is determined. 
    • This will be charged by Utilities.

* If extenuating circumstances arise and an outside vendor is needed to assist with hardware or banner installation or banner removal, the per hour cost is $100 per hour. The requestor will be notified before an outside vendor is secured.

If the University supply of light pole hardware is exhausted, the replacement parts are estimated at $100 - $200 per light pole. 

Light Pole Locations and Quantities

Map of campus light pole locations.

Installation of light pole banner

Interior campus locations - OPAC managed

  • Main Quad* – 16 banners
  • Hesburgh Library South Quad* – 14 banners
  • South Quad – 34 banners
  • ND Avenue/Main Circle – 20 banners 
  • Grotto – 11 banners
  • Other locations that have hardware but aren’t as frequently used 
    • Bulla Road (Twyckenham to the Wellness Center) - 17 banners
    • Corby Hall - 5 banners
    • DPAC/Performing Arts (north side - Holy Cross Drive) - 12 banners
    • Hesburgh Library Drive (Leahy to Library Circle) - 13 banners
    • Hesburgh Library North and West perimeter - 12 banners
    • Leahy Drive (Angela to ECDC) - 34 banners
    • McCourtney Hall Area - 28 banners
    • Mendoza College of Business - 11 banners
    • Stayer Center - 9 banners
    • Walsh Hall of Architecture (north and west sides) - 7 banners
    • Note: The remainder of campus has hundreds of poles, many of which can accommodate hardware that the University has in stock, but it’s not currently installed. A separate charge to install hardware will be applied to these areas. Some older vintage poles (cast iron) are not able to accommodate banner mounting hardware.

* Availability may be limited due to standing University priorities.

Exterior campus locations - OPAC managed

  • Angela/Edison (southern perimeter) – 25 banners 
  • Rachlin/Carmichael and Harper (south side of south perimeter) - 6 banners
  • Twyckenham (eastern perimeter) – 49 banners
  • Douglas (east portion of northern perimeter - Twyckenham roundabout to NDFCU roundabout) – 23 banners
  • Douglas (west portion of northern perimeter - NDFCU roundabout to 933) – 57 banners