Content Management & Hosting

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The University developed a proprietary CMS (content management system), Conductor, in 2007. Over the years, Conductor has evolved into a robust, feature-rich platform designed specifically for the needs of the campus community. Conductor now powers the majority of campus websites and serves as the central content distribution hub of our campus network.


  • Easy login and management with NetID—You’ll never have to worry about lost passwords or usernames.
  • Internally managed—Upgrades, versions, and new releases to Conductor are developed by the ND Creative Web team. Upgrades are automatically applied. You’ll never need to worry about needing costly upgrades to your CMS.
  • Access to the Notre Dame News network—Share news items across multiple websites within the Notre Dame website network, including
  • Access to the Notre Dame Events network—Submit events to from within your site admin with the click of a button.
  • Easy assistance—Conductor is managed by the ND Creative Web team on campus. Help and advice are just a walk or phone call away.
  • Responsive—Every website built in Conductor is fully responsive, meaning it will display wonderfully across a variety of devices (phones, tablets, and monitors).
  • Fast sites—Site speed is important to your visitors. We go above and beyond to ensure your website loads as quickly as possible, regardless of device or network conditions.
  • Design flexibility—The web team designs a variety of different styles of websites using Conductor. Conductor will support fully custom designs or preexisting templates. 

More About Conductor CMS


Conductor-based websites are hosted on Amazon Web Services. The University covers the cost of hosting, so Conductor users have no recurring fees or hassles. The environment is secure and fast, consistently boasting uptimes higher than 99.999%.


The ND Creative Web team now supports WordPress beyond what’s available with If you have a WordPress site and need assistance, let us know. If you need a new WordPress site, we can assist with the full process of site creation, from selecting a vendor and site planning, to design and development. Visit Start a Web Project.