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The Web team’s primary function is the design and development of new (or updated) campus websites. We offer solutions ranging from simple, off-the-shelf products to full custom development. While outsourced web solutions are still an option for campus partners, we’ve earned the trust of more than 1,000 campus admins and develop the majority of the University’s public-facing websites.

Benefits of ND Creative Websites

  • Backed by the University. Our team functions as the University’s primary digital communications source. We’re on campus and always available. We develop websites from the top of the administration down to personal blogs. 
  • Stable, Secure, and Fast. Our websites consistently boast over 99.99% uptime and pose no security risks. We build with performance in mind and deliver industry-leading page load speeds.
  • Effective. Our use of repeatable design patterns, specifically the Notre Dame Web Theme, keeps overall web design time low.
  • On Brand. We build every website within the University brand standards for web (we developed them). This gives your website credibility, validation, and immediate recognition as affiliated with the University and
  • Best Practices. Our team is passionate about best practices for web, and it shows. We design every site with mobile, tablet, and large-monitor users in mind. We advocate for simple, logical, and visible navigational practices. We are leaders in performance and accessibility. 
  • Campus Network. Web admins are able to share news and events from their website to other campus websites, including and Admins with responsibility for multiple sites can easily access them all with one NetID-based login. Units with multiple websites can manage all their websites and users together, limiting administrative difficulties.

Project Types

DIY: For savvy users who need a simple, quick, economical solution, Do-It-Yourself Conductor websites are available utilizing the Notre Dame Theme. This is an outstanding starting point for campus users with basic needs.

  • Time to Launch—Fast
  • Ability to Customize—Low
  • Strategic Approach—Low

Custom: For campus partners whose websites require personal touch, the Web team creates custom websites using Conductor as the foundation. These sites typically include strategic planning with custom design and development work. A consultation with our team is the best starting point for these types of projects. Most of these projects utilize the Notre Dame Theme as a design starting point.

  • Time to Launch—At least a few months
  • Ability to Customize—High
  • Strategic Approach—High


Every project is different in size and scope. That being said, our process on custom projects typically includes the following:

  1. Strategic Priorities and Goals
  2. Information Architecture
  3. Design—Wireframes and Styles (full-screen and mobile)
  4. Development
  5. Content Creation and Migration
  6. QA and Launch

While every project is different, we tend to see that most take a couple of months.

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